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Photo by Stina Wigg


I am a composer and a bass player working mostly with jazz and improvised music but I also compose contemporary music for soloists and chamber ensembles.


My main goal with music, whether I am working as a musician or a composer is to connect people, to each other and to the music that is realized. I use improvisation as a tool to let the musicians be a part of the music creation. For me music is a social act that reflects upon the way society is developing and were musicians can be a part of something subtle politically "critical" and important. I try to explore the limits of improvisation and composition...

I have a masters degree in composition from the royal Royal College of Music in Stockholm and I am part of some groups of musicians and composers, such as: Tonsekt, 3 meter musikk and my own collective band which is sometimes a duo or a quartet up to a octet. I am also a member of Fylkingen, a member driven music scen in Stockholm.

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